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Top 5 Easiest Provinces in Canada to Immigrate to this Year

The year 2020/2021 was a bumpy year for both immigrants and Canada. The number of immigrants that were estimated to move to Canada through different immigration programs was not met. As a matter of fact, the strict international restrictions and lockdown meant that no one was allowed to enter or leave Canada except on special cases.

This year, however, holds great promise for all international students and immigrants who wish to move to Canada and live here. The Canadian government has indicated that the country needs more immigrants this year to help fill up so many vacant job positions fast. This means so many applicants and immigrants will be selected to move to Canada and since there are jobs in demand for you, the visa will be processed much faster.

Although Canada needs more immigrants this year, you still need to select easy provinces to immigrate to or rather select provinces with easy immigration programs to fast-track your visa process. There are provinces in Canada with more visa options for immigrants which makes it easier for these provinces to accept more persons. And then there is the factor of some provinces having jobs, and vacant positions, because they provide more jobs or have more aging people and so they are in-demand for more immigrants. So which provinces are easiest to?

Top 5 Easiest Provinces to Immigrate to this Year


This is one of the largest and popular provinces in Canada so vast it provides thousands of jobs every year for immigrants. It is one of the favorite places for most immigrants who are looking for the city lifestyle. It is however not the cheapest place to live in Canada, but with numerous job vacancies, immigrants are sure to be demanded in their thousands every year. The provides is known to provide numerous tech jobs and its home to several tech industries in Canada.


When you mention top provinces that provide numerous jobs year in year out for immigrants, Alberta is not usually far behind. The immigration program for this province is one of the most popular programs in Canada known for providing fast-track visa options for immigrants. They also register a record for inviting immigrants with lower CRS scores, and the latest invitation was sent to immigrants with a 300 CRS score.


This province is not the biggest but they hold a record of the most occupation in the NOC code list which is over 200+ jobs. Each candidate with a family member living in Saskatchewan or a relative living in the province will receive an additional CRS score to their express entry score. This would help boost their immigration chances.


This is one or even the only province in Canada with French as their first language. French-speaking immigrants prefer to move here because the language used in this province is easier for them to understand. Job opportunities and vacancies are mostly requiring immigrants with French language proficiency, so this may be a better opportunity for most immigrants

Prince Edward Island

If we take into consideration the open occupation list or the list and number of assorted occupations available in Canada, this Canadian region has a greater amount of immigration takers.

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