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How to Obtain A Canadian Student Visa

How to Obtain A Canadian Student Visa – Obtaining a Canadian student visa starts with you gaining admission from one of the Canadian universities, then a student study permit which allows you to study at any Designated Learning Institution in Canada and a visa for students to enable you to enter and live in Canada.

It is very important for a student to obtain a visa and due authorization to study in Canada before they enter the country. They are required to meet all the criteria and requirements in accordance with the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations.

Steps to guide you obtain a student visa to study and live in Canada

1. Choose Your School

You have to first choose from the list of universities in Canada, depending on the location and province you will like to settle in. Then apply to the school to obtain an acceptance letter which will be needed when you start your visa application.

2. Verify If You Will Need Student Visa

The next thing is to check if you actually need a Canadian student visa to study in Canada. You may not require a student visa if you fall under the following categories;

  • You are a staff or family member of a foreign representative in Canada, and the person is accredited by the department of foreign affairs, department of trade, and department of development Canada.
  • Your program or course of study is less than six months.
  • Family member to a foreign armed force.
  • If you have a registered Indian status in Canada.

You may still need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to enter Canada.

3. Start the necessary application for a student study permit.

After you have successfully obtained an acceptance letter from your chosen institution, then you can proceed with preparing and applying for a study permit.

You will be required to provide some documents for this application including a proof for your intentions and ability to support yourself financially while you study in Canada.

The documents differ from country to country, you can confirm the necessary documents required for your country from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

4. Obtain all the required documents

The following documents are required before you can start up any study permit application process;

  • The acceptance letter from the institution you applied to.
  • A medical examination report
  • A proof that you paid your tuition fee for at least one year.
  • A language test result to show you took the test. With a minimum of 6 in English and 7 for French.
  • A guaranteed investment certificate of $10,000

5. Move to Canada to begin your studies

If you reside in another country outside Canada, you will receive a letter of introduction at the Canadian port of entry if your application is approved, plus a student visa (if you require a visa to enter the country). The two documents will permit you to enter Canada and at the Port Of Entry, you will be handed your study permit.

Note that; the study permit will not be sent via mail; you can only pick it up at the POE in Canada. But if you reside in Canada your study permit will be mailed to you.

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