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Online Programs Scholarship at IU International University of Applied Sciences in Germany 2022

The Online Programs Scholarship is a 85% Scholarship at IU International University of Applied Sciences. This opportunity is open for foreign students except for students from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The scholarship award is open for Bachelor, and Masters level program(s) in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Finance, Accounting, Big Data, and Engineering Management. The deadline of the scholarship is currently unknown.

Online Programs Scholarship – Summary

  • Award Value – 85% of the tuition fees partial funding.
  • Awarding Institution: IU International University of Applied Sciences.
  • Study Level: Bachelor, Masters
  • Available Courses: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Big Data, Finance, Accounting
  • Eligible Applicants: International students excluding students from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
  • Location: Germany

IU International University of Applied Sciences – Summary

This is definitely a perfect place for you to get your German degree. It is one of the biggest private institutions of higher education for online studies in Germany with more than 30.000 scholars. Distance learning at the institution offers students the chance to grow on a personal and proficient level and progress in their career via flexible, practice-oriented study.

IU International University of Applied Sciences is mainly looking for experts and otherwise busy persons who would like to grow on a personal and expert level while going forward with their core duties. That is why the programs and courses are designed to be as flexible and inventive as possible, but without sacrificing the standard high IUBH German quality.

IUBH believes that everyone should have an opportunity to have access to an excellent education. This is the reason why there is an established amount of scholarships designed to help students who need financial assistance attain their full potential. This is to ensure the right people with a passion for self-improvement, the ambition for learning, and the motivation for success are supported.

Available Subjects

The available subjects to study under this scholarship program are:

  • Data Science
  • Computer Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Engineering Management

Benefits of Online Programs Scholarship

  • 85% tuition fee waiver
  • A private study at a private German university such as IUBH opens opportunities for your entire career journey.
  • Professionals estimate that MA graduates earn about 300.000 euros more than BA graduates all through their professional life.
  • With the scholarship opportunity you can save up to 13.000€ of the tuition fee.

Eligibility for Online Programs Scholarship

To be eligible for Online Programs Scholarship, applicants must satisfy the requirements below:

  • The aim of the program is to make it possible for any person to take their chance in life. That’s the reason strong regional scholarships are offered. They can differ in terms of social, cultural, academic, or work experience background.
  • Women in Leadership and Management: This award is for female candidates who can exhibit leadership and management prospects in a global business environment both with good academic merits and with an proven record of achievement of merit in their selected career.
  • STEM/MINT Professionals: Applicants with an established outstanding career accomplishment in a technical field that will add to the peer learning experience at IUBH.
  • Future Entrepreneur: Applicants who show the entrepreneurial spirit and have a confirmed track record of beginning or being part of a start-up. They will show the accomplishments and encounters they have confronted.
  • Academic: Applicants who either achieved exceptional results in their prior academic programs, while also establishing proof of high achievement. From these applicants, there is expectation for a valuable contribution to class discussions and team building.
  • Online Learner: Applicants who can prove that they have accomplished an online program, whether a short or long program. This shows IUBH that they are dedicated online learners and will excel in an online degree.

How to Apply for Online Programs Scholarship

To avail Online Programs Scholarship, please follow the guidelines below:

  • First step:  Please ask yourself why you are qualified for the Scholarship of your choice.
  • Second step:  Please figure out how passing a study program at IUBH Online will progress your career, academics and personal goals.
  • Third step:  Please utilize of the Scholarship Calculator, fill out and complete the application, then the student recruitment team can work on your scholarship request.

To inquire further about Online Programs Scholarship, please visit the official website.

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